Carmen Maria Micu

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The main benefits of robot-assisted transaxillary thyroid surgery are to overcome the technical limitations of other endoscopic procedures for this surgical pathology and to avoid any cervical skin incision. This article describes the first experience of a Romanian team with the endoscopic robot-assisted thyroid surgery. We used the da Vinci SI intuitive(More)
Numerous minimally invasive techniques for thyroid surgery have been described in recent years. Technical disadvantages have led to low practicability, although these techniques proved to be safe and to deliver good results. The robotic system was developed to overcome the limits of endoscopic surgery.Recently, based on the advantages of this new(More)
AIM The aim of this study was to evaluate the prognostic significance of the lymph node ratio (LNR) in patients with stage III colorectal cancer. MATERIALS AND METHODS We included 35 stage III colorectal cancer patients who underwent a curative resection at the County Clinic Hospital, Cluj-Napoca, 5(th) Surgical Clinic between January 2006-July2008.(More)
Responses to stress are mediated by a complex network of the nervous and endocrine systems. Glucocorticoids, which are among the most important "players" in stress resilience, may have important implications in the cognitive functions, particularly in the modulation of memory. Declarative memory, the memory for facts, events and word meaning is the most(More)
Spontaneous cholecystocutaneous fistula (SCF) is a rare complication of neglected calculous biliary disease and also an extremely rare complication of gallbladder neoplasm. This pathology has become even rarer because of prompt diagnosis and expedient surgical intervention for gallstones. So far, there is one published report of a SCF due to gallbladder(More)
Introduction Concerns about prenatal diagnosis of congenital renal disease (Morcel et al 2011; Gérard-Blanluet et al 2011; Amsalem et al 2011) and changes in the deterministic background, accounting new risk factors (Sun et al 2010; Harewood et al 2010; Martinovic-Bouriel et al 2010; Dührsen et al 2011, Demirel et al 2011), justify the normal development of(More)
BACKGROUND Data from the literature regarding the prognostic role of DNA mismatch repair system (MMR) in colorectal cancer are still controversial. AIM The aim of the study was to identify the prognostic role of different phenotypic, clinical and pathological characteristics in microsatellite unstable vs. microsatellite stable colorectal cancer in terms(More)
1Bogdan Micu, 1,2Carmen Micu, 3Alexandra Gherman, 3Mădălina Sava, 1Tudor R. Pop 1Nicolae Constantea 1 Vth Surgical Departament, “Iuliu Hatieganu” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Muncipal Clinical Hospital, Cluj-Napoca, Romania; 2 Department of Anatomy and Embryology, “Iuliu Hatieganu” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Cluj-Napoca, Romania; 3 “Iuliu(More)
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