Carmen Marín Pérez

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Long-term intellectual and academic outcomes associated with early childhood victimization were studied using a sample of previously abused and neglected individuals (n = 413) and a matched control group (n = 286). IQ (Quick Test) and reading ability (WRAT-R) were assessed at approximately age 28 and differences between the groups were compared via(More)
This study focuses on the interrelationship between premature or precocious transitions to adult statuses and roles and the use of alcohol and drugs. Panel data from early adolescence to young adulthood for a sample for a sample of youth who were at high risk for serious delinquent behavior is used. The results indicate that use of alcohol and drugs in(More)
Biogas production from lignocellulose-rich agricultural residues is gaining increasingly importance in sustainable energy production. Hydrolysis/acidogenesis (H/A) of lignocellulose as the initial rate-limiting step deserves particular optimization. A mixture of straw/hay was methanized applying two-phase digester systems with an initial H/A reactor and a(More)
Genetic markers and total intelligence quotient (IQ) assessed by WISC (Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children) were studied in children of both sexes from Santiago, Chile. Heterozygous boys for phosphoglucomutase 1 (PGM) and heterozygous girls for haptoglobin (Hp) had lower IQ than homozygotes. For ABO system, B girls had lower and B boys had higher IQ(More)
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