Carmen Maganto

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PURPOSE The study had two aims: 1) to analyze the existence of gender differences in socioemotional developmental factors, and 2) to apply a program of education for peace and prevention of violence to determine whether the pretest-posttest change in socioemotional developmental factors differs as a function of gender. METHODS The sample comprised 285(More)
This study had the following goals: (1) to analyze the differences between participants with and without risk of eating disorders (ED) in self-esteem, happiness, depression, anxiety, anger, and psychological variables related to ED; (2) to determine possible differences in the group at risk of ED on these variables as a function of sex; and (3) to determine(More)
Adversidad familiar y desarrollo de trastornos internalizados y externalizados en preadolescentes Familial adversity and internalizing and externalizing disorders in pre-teenager Introduction: The relationship between experiencing adverse psycho-social conditions in the family environment and the development of externalized and internalized disadapting(More)
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