Carmen Luisa Arocha Piñango

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Fibronectin is an adhesive glycoprotein present in a soluble form in plasma and in an insoluble form in the extracellular matrix of many tissues. The human plasma level of this protein is about 300 +/- 100 microg/mL. It is synthesized and secreted by a wide variety of cells, consequently is one of the components of greater distribution in the body that(More)
A new dysfibrinogenemia associated with thrombophilia has been identified in a Venezuelan kindred. Thrombin and Reptilase times were prolonged and the accelerating capacity of the patient's fibrin on the t-PA-induced plasminogen activation was decreased. In addition the affinity of fibrinogen for plasminogen was diminished. Permeability and electron(More)
Serial dilution protamine sulfate tests (SDPS) were performed in 191 women during labor. It was found that 27 per cent of women with uncomplicated pregnancies and 42 per cent with complicated pregnancies had positive SDPS tests, the highest incidence being between three and six hours of labor. These findings support the previous report of a physiologic(More)
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