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INTRODUCTION Lack of insight is a common clinical problem in psichiatric patients, but few times has been properly studied until recently. Patients with good insight tend to show a better treatment adherence with a better prognosis and swow less hostility. This study aims to investigate whether there is a relationship between the hostility degree and(More)
We carried out the translation and adaptation into Spanish of the original version of the SCID-II (Semistructured Clinical Interview for Diagnosis in Axis II according to DSM-III-R). In the questionnaire we modified the formulation of some items: the questions were changed into assertions and the answer scale was broadened into seven options. In the(More)
Recognition confabulation was studied in 16 schizoprhenic patients and 16 normal controls. Half of the schizophrenics presented recognition confabulation, while the remaining 8 and 16 controls did not. This type of confabulation was associated to attentional deficiency, difficulties in perceptual follow-up and perceptive changes. These test satisfactorily(More)
INTRODUCTION Although schizophrenia has a great impact on the health care, social and family levels, there is little epidemiological information on patients with schizophrenia, its diagnosis and treatment in Spain. The ACEE (Abordaje Clínico de la Esquizofrenia en España; Clinical Approach to Schizophrenia in Spain) study was designed with the primary(More)
INTRODUCTION Various studies find an association between the postpartum depression and child development; nevertheless, it exists few uniformity in the method in which are accomplished these. The objective of this study is to analyze the influence of the postpartum depression on the development of the children during the first 28 months. Also, it is studied(More)
INTRODUCTION Postpartum Depression is a psychiatric syndrome with a prevalence of 10-15%. The studies show that depressive mothers have a "negative" relation with their children. METHOD 205 primiparous women are analyzed, of them, we take a group of "cases" (23 depressive mothers) and a "control" group (37 women without psychiatric symptoms). Childrearing(More)
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