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BACKGROUND Clozapine is effective for resistant schizophrenia. After two sudden deaths in physically well young men soon after starting clozapine, we investigated the cardiovascular complications for this drug. METHODS From January, 1993, to March, 1999, 8000 patients started clozapine treatment in Australia, and were registered with a mandatory(More)
Five hundred five reports of violent incidents in British pubs and bars were studied by using logical pathway modeling to provide information on the processes underlying work-related violence. Logical pathway modeling is innovative in examining and mapping sequences in real incidents at a population level. The data reveal the most common pathway to be(More)
For 20% of a sample of 1,078 violent incidents reported in British bars and pubs, another incident was reported at the same premises within 6 months. Log-survival analysis revealed nonrandom sequences that demonstrate a system memory effect separate from any biases involving particular venues. The rate of reoccurrence was not constant during the 6 months(More)
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  • 1999
Much of the discussion about individual and group differences in illness and life expectancy has focused on the effects of individual characteristics, both status and behavioural. This is also characteristic of much of the literature, which attempts to explain why men have higher rates of disease and lower life expectancy than women. After a period in which(More)
Childhood vaccination is widely considered to be one of the most successful public health interventions. Yet, the effective delivery of vaccination depends upon public willingness to vaccinate. Recently, many countries have faced problems with vaccine hesitancy, where a growing number of parents perceive vaccination to be unsafe or unnecessary, leading some(More)
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