Carmen K M Lee

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The connection between divorce and suicide risk in Asia is unclear. To understand the contribution of cultural transitions to suicide among the divorced, we compare age- and sex-specific suicide rates among divorced men and women from five Pacific Rim populations: Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and the state of Victoria in Australia. On a cultural(More)
PURPOSE In the late 1990s, an epidemic rise in suicides by carbon monoxide poisoning from burning barbecue charcoal began in Hong Kong and Taiwan. This study investigates the diffusion of this new method of suicide. METHOD Official mortality data for 1998-2010 in Taiwan and 1998-2009 in Hong Kong were collected; overall and method-specific suicide rates(More)
PURPOSE Jumping from a height is the most common method for suicide in Hong Kong and other urban cities, but it remains understudied locally and internationally. We used Coroner records in exploring the ecological factors associated with these deaths and the personal characteristics of persons who jumped to their death (hereafter, "jumping suicides"). We(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the efficiency of the Hong Kong hospitalisation system based on hospitalisation days. DESIGN Retrospective study. SETTING Hospitalisation data (2000-2010) for all government-funded hospitals in Hong Kong. POPULATION Hospitalisation data for the entire Hong Kong population (7.0 million in 2011). METHODS A decomposition method was(More)
The disposition effect postulates that individuals hold losing investments too long. However, many investors eventually sell at a loss. This paper integrates prospect theory, reference point adaptation and cognitive-experiential self-theory to provide more insight on such investor's capitulation. We empirically study the contribution of each component as(More)
Background: Ageing has become a serious challenge in Hong Kong and globally. It has serious implications for health expenditure, which accounts for nearly 20% of overall government expenditure. Here we assess the contribution of ageing and related factors to hospitalisation days in Hong Kong. We used hospital discharge data from all publicly funded(More)
The project, A Study of Distance Education at Hong Kong Universities, researched the availability of distance education programs in Hong Kong. The study explored the teaching methods and tools implemented in these programs. We were able to make this information available to Hong Kong universities in order to promote organization and collaboration between(More)
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