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Adaptive scatternet support for Bluetooth using sniff mode
Future applications of Bluetooth are likely to include ad-hoc networking. Therefore, it is desirable to interconnect multiple Bluetooth piconets to form a scatternet. Up to now, there is no extensiveExpand
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Bluetooth scatternets: an enhanced adaptive scheduling scheme
The vision of ad-hoc networking with Bluetooth includes the concept of devices participating in multiple "piconets" and thereby forming a "scatternet". However, the details of scatternet support forExpand
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Traitement selectif d'applications automatique d'informations obtenus par des liaisons de transmission des donnees sans fil
L'invention concerne un procede de traitement selectif d'applications automatique d'informations au moyen d'un terminal portable a processeur ainsi que le terminal portable a processeur permettant deExpand
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While the market for fixed, wired personal computers shows stagnating tendencies, mobile computing receives more and more attention. The terms # : 0 and 0 have moved into the center of interest.Expand
Nd method for improving the operation terminal
Dispositif d'identification logique detecteur et radio et procede d'amelioration du fonctionnement du terminal
Un dispositif electronique fonctionnant avec un dispositif d'identification de radiofrequence fonctionnant avec une logique de detection et un procede de mise en fonction du dispositif electroniqueExpand
Method, device and system for information of automated context from selective data provided by means of identification.
Method for selective provision of automated data from context information through identification means, comprising: - wireless acquisition (S130) of context information from an external source; -Expand