Carmen Kühl

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— The vision of ad-hoc networking with Bluetooth includes the concept of devices participating in multiple " piconets " and thereby forming a " scatternet ". However, the details of scat-ternet support for Bluetooth are not specified yet. This paper presents a scheme for Bluetooth scatternet operation that adapts to varying traffic patterns. Basing on sniff(More)
While the market for fixed, wired personal computers shows stagnating tendencies, mobile computing receives more and more attention. The terms XELTXLWRXVFRPSXWLQJ and SHUYDVLYHH FRPSXWLQJJ have moved into the center of interest. Truly mobile devices such as mobile phones, digital watches, and personal digital assistants (PDA) become more and more powerful.(More)
The timing monitoring and control system is a key component for satellite navigation systems. Based on a current clock monitoring and control design, a composite clock concept for clock generation is introduced. In addition to the basic clock correction algorithms in a clock ensemble, also failure scenarios need to be detected and corrective action has to(More)
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