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AIMS With an estimated 12 million consumers in Europe, cocaine (COC) is the illicit drug leading to the most emergency department visits. The aim of this study was to examine a consecutive series of sudden deaths (SDs) to focus on the prevalence, the toxicological characteristics, and the causes of death in COC-related fatalities. METHODS AND RESULTS(More)
BACKGROUND Cluster headache (CH) has been associated with certain personality traits and lifestyle features, but there are few studies assessing personality profiles in CH. We aimed to analyze personality traits in patients with CH, and to compare them with those found in migraine. METHODS We included all consecutive patients with CH attending 5(More)
INTRODUCTION The objective is to analyse our experience with the new intranasal formulation of zolmitriptan 5 mg in the symptomatic treatment of cluster headache in daily clinical practice. PATIENTS AND METHODS We collected a total of 18 patients with cluster headache and experience with intranasal zolmitriptan; 17 had used subcutaneous sumatriptan and 8(More)
OBJECTIVES To analyze our experience with the new, 5 mg intranasal formulation of zolmitriptan in the symptomatic treatment of migraine attacks. PATIENTS AND METHODS This series includes 82 patients who had treated an average of 7 migraine attacks. Eighty patients had taken oral triptans and 20 subcutaneous sumatriptan. The main reasons for using nasal(More)
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