Carmen González-Oria

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An early and accurate diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS) is very important, since it allows early treatment initiation, which reduces the activity of the disease. Oligoclonal IgG band (OCGB) detection is a good ancillary tool for MS diagnosis. However, it was argued that its usefulness was limited by the high interlaboratory variability. In the last(More)
INTRODUCTION Hemicranias are an uncommon type of headache characterised by strictly unilateral pain, either as a continuous, although fluctuating, headache in hemicrania continua (HC) or in the form of recurring attacks in paroxysmal hemicrania (PH). In both types of headache, an absolute response to indomethacin is reported. AIMS. To analyse the fulfilment(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE OnabotulinumtoxinA is a treatment specifically approved for the prophylaxis of chronic migraine in adults. The aim of this study was to assess the effectiveness of OnabotulinumtoxinA in chronic migraine after 1 year of treatment in a real-life setting and to identify clinical predictors of outcome. METHODS We designed a prospective(More)
INTRODUCTION Hypnic headache is a rare primary headache. The diagnostic criteria of the International Headache Classification (IHS) for this condition are discussed, as they have been modified in the new edition of the 2013. PATIENTS AND METHODS The clinical characteristics, and fulfilment of the criteria of the IHS classification in a series of(More)
INTRODUCTION When secondary headache is suspected and the patient is referred to the emergency department or to the outpatient neurology clinic, it is important to know which are the appropriate complementary examinations to perform and the suitable referral pathway for patients to follow. In order to establish recommendations on this matter, the Spanish(More)
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