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There are two types of rapidly progressive sensorineural hearing loss: sudden hearing loss, which is generally unilateral and develops in less than 72 hours, and rapidly progressive sensorineural hearing loss, which develops over days or months. The origin of sudden deafness is difficult to establish. Several etiopathogenic factors have been postulated,(More)
BACKGROUND For laryngeal carcinoma, the present TNM clinical staging system does not seem completely satisfactory as a guide for providing a prognosis for survival. We believe that natural killer cell activity would probably have a role in a more reliable system. Therefore, we analyzed the disease outcome with previously untreated epidermoid carcinoma of(More)
Syphilis is a well established cause of hearing loss. Sensorineural hearing loss may develop in the congenital or acquired form. The clinical course of the early acquired and late congenital forms are similar: sudden or rapidly progressive bilateral sensorineural hearing loss with mild vestibular symptoms. Cochleovestibular involvement in early acquired(More)
Since the McCabe report, growing indirect evidence has accumulated to indicate the implication of immune mechanisms in the pathogenesis of immune-mediated inner-ear disease (IMIED). A clinical study of a group of patients affected by this condition was performed in order to characterize the immune group, based on a recently reported profile, and compared(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of the present study was to study patterns in the extended spectrum of the human hearing (0.125 to 20 kHz) in order to obtain reference thresholds. Then, we compare our values with existing results at extended high-frequencies (8 to 20 kHz) in an attempt to establish new standards for potential international adoption. DESIGN A(More)
Imaging analysis has been applied to study typical cases of nasosinusal diseases, in an attempt to determine its capabilities for CT scan interpretations. Thus, polyps with sinusitis, cerebrospinal fluid occupying sinuses, cysts and bone tumors may be compared in order to obtain objective results that may help in the differential diagnosis in these(More)
We studied the functional response and phenotypic characterization of peripheral blood T cells and their correlation with the clinical stage of disease in 29 males with previously untreated carcinoma of the larynx and 24 healthy male controls. Peripheral blood T cells, phenotypically CD2+ CD3+, were significantly decreased in the patients relative to the(More)
INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES Voice alteration is a common event following endotracheal intubation. The objective of this study is to describe strobolaryngoscopic and spectrogram changes after endotracheal intubation, and attempt to identify a relationship between these changes and also with anaesthetic variables. MATERIAL AND METHOD Thirty-eight patients(More)
The Internet is considered by some as one of the most important advances of the late 20th century. The Internet is the functional linking of personal computers via telephone lines to a worldwide network of millions of other computers, which enables them to exchange information freely. Although the Internet crops up in daily conversation, many persons are(More)