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Today, more and more hospitals manage patient records using computer support. Hospital personnel, however, are complaining increasingly about the complications involved in using healthcare applications. Dealing with complexity is a waste of valuable time that could be better dedicated to patient care. In this work, we present a proposal which seeks to adapt(More)
In this paper, we present a proposal for Patients’ Mobile Monitoring. This framework enables the definition and generation of profiles, modules and communication structures between each of the measuring devices and the mobile phone depending on the kind of condition and the measuring values of the patient. We use patterns to allow the generation of(More)
Alzheimer’s disease makes great demands on care by caregivers, since they cannot distract their attention from patients while they are managing records at the same time. For this reason, technologies to complement this process need to be considered. In this work we propose to adapt Near Field Communications (NFC), applying it to an Alzheimer’s day centre.(More)
Alzheimer's patients need a large amount of varied types of attention by carers, due to the disorders of memory and orientation they present. Knowledge about the particular state of each individual day-care patient is sometimes deficient, however, as assistants have no time to supervise patients' records because they do not wish to have their attention(More)
Alzheimer's disease makes great demands on care by assistants, due to the fact that they cannot distract their attention from patients while they are at the same time managing records. For that reason, technologies to complement this process need to be adapted. In this work we present a proposal to adapt identification technologies: Radiofrequency(More)
OBJECTIVES 1) To assess, with a peripheral magnetic resonance imaging system (pMRI), the prevalence of bony and soft tissue abnormalities in the knee joints of normal subjects, osteoarthritis (OA) patients, and individuals who have suffered an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) rupture; and 2) to compare the prevalence among groups. METHODS Magnetic(More)
Reliability and safety of critical industrial processes depend on EMC of electronic equipments for ensuring signals integrity. Increasing complexity and quantity of power converters in industrial facilities state the challenge for efficient and fast testing for EMC compliance. This paper proposes a novel combination of EMC testing equipment for(More)
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