Carmen E. Rodríguez

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PURPOSE A previous phase I trial of i.p. photodynamic therapy established the maximally tolerated dose of Photofrin (Axcan Pharma, Birmingham, AL)-mediated photodynamic therapy and showed encouraging efficacy. The primary objectives of this phase II study were to determine the efficacy and toxicities of i.p. photodynamic therapy in patients with peritoneal(More)
Our purpose was to determine the feasibility of comprehensive treatment of the canine prostate with photodynamic therapy (PDT) using motexafin lutetium (Lu-Tex) and to evaluate the toxicity and tissue effects associated with this treatment. Twenty-five adult male beagles with normal prostate glands were given an i.v. injection of the second-generation(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE On-line monitoring of light fluence during intraperitoneal photodynamic therapy (IP PDT) is crucial for safe light delivery. A flat photodiode-based dosimetry system is compared with an isotropic detector-based system in patients undergoing IP PDT. STUDY DESIGN/MATERIALS AND METHODS Flat photodiodes and spherical detectors were(More)
The optical properties (absorption [mu(a)], transport scattering [mu('s)] and effective attenuation [mu(eff)] coefficients) of normal canine prostate were measured in vivo using interstitial isotropic detectors. Measurements were made at 732 nm before, during and after motexafin lutetium (MLu)-mediated photodynamic therapy (PDT). They were derived by(More)
In this paper we propose a new bounded delay retransmission scheme that enhances the reliability of compressed video transmission in multicode DS-CDMA (MCCDMA) systems. We consider H.263/H.263+ video at low data rates (i.e., <64 kbps) in an IS-95B system over slow fading Rayleigh channels. Our approach is designed to reduce not only packet loss, time(More)
Wireless video services in packet-switched environments constitute a significant challenge. While rudio chantiels present limited capacity, high error rates arid time-vaying and asymmetric propagation properties, video applications are batid~vidth-killing, error-sensitive and delay-intolerant. This situation forces wireless video system to dymnical l j(More)
In channels where the delay spread is smaller than the chip interval (e.g., an IS-95 system operating in indoor environments), spread-spectrum signals do not give rise to path diversity. In this situation, maximal-ratio combiner (MRC) RAKE receivers with resolution reduction (RR) of the diversity receiver branches may be used by the mobile stations to(More)
Block-error processes in transmissions over slow-fading channels can be accurately modeled by a two-state Markov chain [the block Markov model (BMM)]. Another line of research has focused on the use of a channel-state Markov model (CSMM) to analyze block transmissions. Although both techniques provide results that agree well with observations, the(More)
Pleural photodynamic therapy (PDT) has been used as an adjuvant treatment with lung-sparing surgical treatment for malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM). In the current pleural PDT protocol, a moving fiber-based point source is used to deliver the light. The light fluences at multiple locations are monitored by several isotropic detectors placed in the(More)