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One hundred and sixty four cases of Q fever pneumonia are reviewed. Coxiella burnetti is responsible for 18.8% of pneumonias acquired in the community in our region with an extremely high seasonal variation. 91% of the cases occur between January and June. 88.5% of the patients are less than 40 yrs of age and 77% are male. The most common clinical symptoms(More)
Personality disorders (PDs) are highly prevalent among perpetrators of intimate partner violence (IPV). Schema Therapy proposes a number of early maladaptive schemas (EMSs) that are involved in the development of PDs. This study examined the prevalence of PD traits in a sample of men who committed violence against their partners and the relationship between(More)
Breast cancer screening programmes seem to bring about significant benefits, including decreased mortality, although they may also have some drawbacks such as false-negative and false-positive results. This study aims to compare the clinical outcome of a group of patients undergoing a breast cancer screening programme with that of a synchronous non-screened(More)
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