Carmen Ceamanos

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Metalloligands of stoichiometry [AuCl(P-N)] have been obtained by the reaction of the heterofunctional phosphines P-N = PPh(2)py, PPh(2)CH(2)CH(2)py, or PPhpy(2) with [AuCl(tht)] (tht = tetrahydrothiophene). Reactions of these metalloligands with several metal compounds have afforded heteropolynuclear species which exhibit luminescent properties. The(More)
The reaction of [AuCl(PR'3)] with KTeR, prepared from RTeTeR and K-selectride, gives the gold-tellurolate clusters [Au8(mu-TeR)8(PR'3)4] (R = Ph, Tol; PR'3 = PPh3, PPh2py) in high yield. This result contrasts with the one obtained from the reaction with thiolates or selenolates, from which mononuclear complexes are synthesized. The structures of these(More)
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