Carmen Bravo

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BACKGROUND Microscopic analysis of blood smears is currently the most frequently used method to measure parasitemias in experiments of drug efficacy in murine models of malaria. However, it is subjective and labour intensive, which preclude its utilization in large-scale evaluation programs. Flow cytometry is an alternative method, but due to the limited(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE To study the influence of diet, anthropometrical measurements and neonatal and parental lipoprotein variables on lipoprotein concentrations at age 4. SUBJECTS AND METHOD 18 neonates with normal serum lipoprotein values (group 1), 19 neonates with high total cholesterol (TC) levels (group 2) and 21 neonates with normal TC but(More)
The contraceptive efficacy and safety of a progesterone-releasing vaginal ring (PVR) manufactured in Chile were compared to that of the Copper T 380A IUD (T-Cu) in nursing women enrolled at three Chilean clinics. A total of 285 volunteers chose to use the PVR and 262 the T-Cu. Plasma progesterone levels attained with the ring decreased from 25 to 14 nmol/L(More)
Many articles dealing with individual cell lag phase determination assume that growth, when observed, comes from one cell. This assumption is not in agreement with the Poisson distribution, which uses the probability of growth in a sample to predict how many samples contain one, two, or some other number of cells. This article analyses and compares(More)
Intraventricular haemorrhage and posthemorrhagic hydrocephalus are the most important neurological complications in preterm infants during the neonatal period. The prevalence of germinal matrix intraventricular haemorrhage widely varies depending on the population of study, but it is in any case increasing due both to the higher incidence of multiple and(More)
Symbolic Data Analysis allow for the extension of Data Analysis to symbolic data, that is, more complex data structures than classical or monovalued data. Symbolic data are the symbolic descriptions given to individuals ω ∈ Ω associated to symbolic variables. For example, symbolic descriptions may be given by probability distributions, sets of categories or(More)
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