Carmen Bernier

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The implementation of a cross-functional enterprise system requires a more sustained and comprehensive change management program than does classical Information System (IS) application development. The tools and techniques used in such projects will presumably differ accordingly, as will the roles and responsibilities of each project contributor. The(More)
OBJECTIVE To check whether the use of an autoquestionnaire is adapted to obtain information about perceptions of multiple sclerosis (MS) patients concerning access to healthcare in the Pays de la Loire region of France. PATIENTS AND METHODS Patients with MS were asked to complete a questionnaire concerning access to 31 healthcare professionals or social(More)
Early detection of residents' learning difficulties helps teachers offer appropriate help. During a series of educational workshops, a variety of behaviours associated with learning difficulties were described and four behavioural categories were established: limited cognitive response, disturbed affective response, deviant moral response, and diminished(More)
Il est reconnu que l'implantation d'un système de gestion interfonctionnel exige un programme de gestion du changement élaboré et appliqué de façon rigoureuse. Nous pouvons présumer que les outils et les techniques employés pour conduire de tels projets diffèrent, tout comme les rôles et les responsabilités de chaque intervenant. Les impacts de ce type de(More)
We report a severe acute asthma case whose course was marked by persistent hypoxemia whereas proximal flows were normalized. This discordance reveals a ventilation/perfusion mismatch. This data suggests that care must be taken in interpreting the peak flow improvement during acute severe asthma management.
We present a new case of bilateral spontaneous idiopathic pneumothorax, occurring in a 52-year-old woman. A literature review of similar cases shows a quite reproducible picture, consisting in the occurrence of supraclavicular swelling and left or bilateral chylothorax after a mild effort in a woman in her fifties.
Pasteurella multocida is a major pathogen in local wound infections due to animal bites. Pneumonia and bacteremia are less frequent and usually associated with local or general impairment of host defenses. Scarce reports exist about Pasteurella multocida infections in HIV infected patients. We report here a case of hypoxemic pneumonia and bacteremia due to(More)
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