Carmen Badea

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Energy consumption is one of the most important issues in resource-constrained embedded systems. Many such systems run Java-based applications due to Java's architecture-independent format (bytecode). Standard techniques for executing bytecode programs, e.g. interpretation or just-in-time compilation, have performance or memory issues that make them(More)
Embedded platforms are resource-constrained systems in whichperformance and memory requirements of executed code are ofcritical importance. However, standard techniques such as full just-in-time(JIT) compilation and/or adaptive optimization (AO) may not be appropriate for this type of systems due to memory and compilation overheads. The research presented(More)
This work in progress paper presents a method of detecting tongue protrusion gestures by utilizing the tongue's color and texture characteristics. By taking advantage of recent advances in computer vision, the presented implementation enables real-time tongue gesture detection using only the video stream provided by a standard web camera. Tongue gesture(More)
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