Carmen Antolín

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Diversity and biotic indices are often used to asses freshwater quality. However, few studies have been made of their applicability to mining-derived impact. Biotic indices, in particular, are problematic in this respect because they are devised for specific types of pollution (usually organic). Thus, caution is required when using them in streams(More)
The goal of the Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity mission over land is to infer surface soil moisture from multiangular L-band radiometric measurements. As the canopy affects the microwave emission of land, it is necessary to characterize different vegetation layers. This paper presents the Reference Pixel L-Band Experiment (REFLEX), carried out in June–July(More)
Lopez-Baeza, E., A. Albitar, C. Antolin, J. Balling, F. Belda, C. Bouzinac, A. Buil, F. Camacho, A. Cano, E. Carbo, A. Coll, M. Davidson, S. Delwart, A. Fidalgo, A. Hahne, S. Juglea, Y. Kerr, B. Martinez, C. Mätzler, S. Mecklenburg, A. Mialon, C. Millan, C. Narbon, M. Parde, F. Requena, K. Saleh, M. Schwank, N. Skou, S. Søbjærg, J. Tamayo, I. Torralba, E.(More)
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