Carmen Ana Ramos

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This paper presents a new architecture for MASCEM, a multi-agent electricity market simulator. The main focus is the MASCEM ability to provide the means to model and simulate Virtual Power Producers (VPP). VPPs are represented as a coalition of agents, with specific characteristics and goals. VPPs can reinforce the importance of distributed generation(More)
Currently, Power Systems (PS) already accommodate a substantial penetration of DG and operate in competitive environments. In the future PS will have to deal with large-scale integration of DG and other distributed energy resources (DER), such as storage means, and provide to market agents the means to ensure a flexible and secure operation. This cannot be(More)
This paper presents a new methodology for the creation and management of coalitions in Electricity Markets. This approach is tested using the multi-agent market simulator MASCEM, taking advantage of its ability to provide the means to model and simulate VPP (Virtual Power Producers). VPPs are represented as coalitions of agents, with the capability of(More)
In this paper, the remuneration of fixed costs of distribution networks with distributed generation is evaluated by means of an efficient planning strategy that includes the concept of fuzzy robustness of a given solution plan. As a key contribution, it is included the possibility of choice among different conductor sizes in order to assess the deep costs(More)
Videostroboscopy is an examination which yields a permanent record of the moving vocal folds. Thus, it allows the diagnosis of abnormalities which contribute to voice disorders. In this paper, in order to find and quantify the deformation of the vocal folds in videostroboscopic recordings, an active contours- (snakes) based approach is used to delineate the(More)
This paper proposes a computationally efficient methodology for the optimal location and sizing of static and switched shunt capacitors in radial distribution systems. The problem is formulated as the maximization of the savings produced by the reduction in energy losses and the avoided costs due to investment deferral in the expansion of the network. The(More)
Sustainable development concerns are being addressed with increasing attention, in general, and in the scope of power industry, in particular. The use of distributed generation (DG), mainly based on renewable sources, has been seen as an interesting approach to this problem. However, the increasing of DG in power systems raises some complex technical and(More)
Presently power system operation produces huge volumes of data that is still treated in a very limited way. Knowledge discovery and machine learning can make use of these data resulting in relevant knowledge with very positive impact. In the context of competitive electricity markets these data is of even higher value making clear the trend to make data(More)