Carmen Alvarez

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This report describes the approach used in our participation of ImageCLEF. Our focus is on image retrieval using text, i.e. Cross-Media IR. To do this, we first determine the strong relationships between keywords and types of visual features. Then the subset of images retrieved by text retrieval is used as examples to match other images according to the(More)
Previous language modeling approaches to information retrieval have focused primarily on single terms. The use of bigram models has been studied, but the restriction on word order and adjacency may not be justified for information retrieval. We propose a new language modeling approach to information retrieval that incorporates lexical affinities, or pairs(More)
depression is a signifi cant mental and public health problem and may be one of the most disabling disorders among women of childbear-ing age. 1 Perinatal depression is associated with a multitude of negative sequelae for women, children, and families, including poor maternal-fetal attachment, adverse neona-tal outcomes (low birth weight, preterm birth,(More)
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