Carmen Aguilar-Gurrieri

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CBP and p300 are histone acetyltransferases (HATs) that associate with and acetylate transcriptional regulators and chromatin. Mutations in their catalytic 'cores' are linked to genetic disorders, including cancer. Here we present the 2.8-Å crystal structure of the catalytic core of human p300 containing its bromodomain, CH2 region and HAT domain. The(More)
Nap1 is a histone chaperone involved in the nuclear import of H2A-H2B and nucleosome assembly. Here, we report the crystal structure of Nap1 bound to H2A-H2B together with in vitro and in vivo functional studies that elucidate the principles underlying Nap1-mediated H2A-H2B chaperoning and nucleosome assembly. A Nap1 dimer provides an acidic binding surface(More)
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