Carmelo S. del Castillo

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Mycobacterium marinum is difficult to distinguish from other species of Mycobacterium isolated from fish using biochemical methods. Here, we used genetic and proteomic analyses to distinguish three Mycobacterium strains: M. marinum strains MB2 and Europe were isolated from tropical and marine fish in Thailand and Europe, and Mycobacterium sp. 012931 strain(More)
Bodonids and trypanosomatids are derived from a common ancestor with the bodonids being a more primitive lineage. The Neobodonida, one of the three clades of bodonids, can be free-living, commensal or parasitic. Despite the ecological and evolutionary significance of these organisms, however, many of their biological and pathological features are currently(More)
The hard clam Mercenaria mercenaria is an important seafood species widely exploited along the eastern coasts of the United States and play a crucial role in coastal ecology and economy. Severe hard clam mortalities have been associated with the protistan parasite QPX (Quahog Parasite Unknown). QPX infection establishes in pallial organs with the lesions(More)
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