Carmelo Puglia

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BACKGROUND Gelatin tannate is a mixture of tannic acid and gelatin. Tannic acid has astringent properties, due to its capacity to form protein-macromolecular complexes, as well as antibacterial and antioxidant properties. However, little is known about its anti-inflammatory properties. PURPOSE To evaluate the anti-inflammatory activity of gelatin tannate(More)
  • Johann Lüder, M.-N Shariati, J Lüder, I Bidermane, S Ahmadi, E Göthelid +46 others
  • 2016
Understanding the fundamental electronic properties of materials is a key step to develop innovations in many elds of technology. For example, this has allowed to design molecular based devices like organic eld effect transistors, organic solar cells and molecular switches. In this thesis, the properties of advanced functional materials, in particular(More)
The thermoregulatory response to cold exposure was examined in 11 unipolar and 5 bipolar II drug-free outpatients and 12 healthy controls. Subjects were studied in an environmental chamber at 10 C for 60 min. The heat production response was derived from the rate of oxygen consumption measured at 15-min intervals. Rectal and mean skin temperatures were(More)
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