Carmelo Franco Melchi

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The authors' aim was to investigate the role of stressful events, perceived social support, attachment security, and alexithymia in triggering exacerbations of diffuse plaque psoriasis. Inpatients experiencing a recent exacerbation of diffuse plaque psoriasis (N=33) were compared with inpatients with skin conditions believed to have a negligible(More)
Although the onset of alopecia areata has often been anecdotally linked with emotional stress, findings from the few controlled studies have not been univocal. The authors compared outpatients experiencing a recent onset of alopecia areata (N=21) with outpatients affected by skin conditions commonly believed as having a low psychosomatic component (N=102).(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the relationship between skin-related quality of life and psychiatric morbidity in patients with different skin conditions. METHODS We recruited all adults attending the outpatient clinics of the Dermatological Institute IDI-IRCCS, Rome, Italy, during 14 predetermined days. Eligible patients, who gave their informed consent,(More)
BACKGROUND It has often been suggested that stress might trigger vitiligo. However, only one study supported this hypothesis, and no study explored the role of other personality or social factors. METHODS Out-patients experiencing a recent onset or exacerbation of vitiligo (n = 31) were compared with out-patients with skin conditions in which(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the role of stressful events, social support, attachment security and alexithymia in triggering or exacerbating psoriasis. METHODS Outpatients experiencing a recent onset or exacerbation of psoriasis (n=40) were compared with outpatients with skin conditions in which psychosomatic factors are regarded as negligible (n=116).(More)
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