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The potent smooth muscle agonist endothelin-1 (ET-1) is involved in the local control of seminiferous tubule contractility, which results in the forward propulsion of tubular fluid and spermatozoa, through its action on peritubular myoid cells. ET-1, known to be produced in the seminiferous epithelium by Sertoli cells, is derived from the inactive(More)
The role of phospholipids in BK virus infection and haemagglutination was studied by competition binding experiments and by treatment of susceptible cells with phospholipases. Phospholipids extracted from Vero cells and some commercial phospholipids showed an inhibiting activity on both BK virus infectivity and haemagglutination. The treatment of Vero cells(More)
The polyether antibiotic monensin exhibited bacteriostatic activity against a clinical isolate of Legionella pneumophila in vitro. Experiments designed to test the effect of the compound on the invasiveness and multiplication of L. pneumophila in HeLa cells showed that, in the presence of the antibiotic, legionellas that penetrated the cells did not(More)
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