Carmela Tiziana Giordano

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Exposure to repetitive seizures is known to promote convulsions which depend on specific patterns of network activity. We aimed at evaluating the changes in seizure phenotype and neuronal network activation caused by a modified 6-Hz corneal stimulation model of psychomotor seizures. Mice received up to 4 sessions of 6-Hz corneal stimulation with fixed(More)
Various ketogenic diet (KD) therapies, including classic KD, medium chain triglyceride administration, low glycemic index treatment, and a modified Atkins diet, have been suggested as useful in patients affected by pharmacoresistant epilepsy. A common goal of these approaches is to achieve an adequate decrease in the plasma glucose level combined with(More)
Autism and Rett syndrome, a severe neurological disorder with autistic behavior, are classified as separate disorders on clinical and etiological ground. Rett syndrome is a monogenic X-linked dominant condition due to de novo mutations in the MECP2 gene, whereas autism is a neurodevelopmental and behavioral disorder with complex genetic basis. Maternally(More)
We report seven cases of spinal cord compression resulting from Burkitt lymphoma in boys aged 15 years and below. This became manifest clinically as acute or rapidly progressive spinal cord compression. All the patients showed total paraplegia with a sensory loss at thoracic level and sphincter disturbances. Four patients were operated on, the operation(More)
The 6-Hz corneal stimulation test is used to screen novel antiepileptic molecules to overcome the problem of drug refractoriness. Although recognized as a standard test, it has been evaluated only recently in the attempt to characterize the putative neuronal networks involved in seizures caused by corneal stimulation. In particular, by recording from the(More)
Sixty one cases of tropical myeloneuropathies (TNM) from Abidjan, Ivory Coast, are reported. The mean age of patients was 35 years. The socioeconomic level was often very low and puerperality was a common initiating factor. Several clinical forms are noted: pure pyramidal (16 cases), pure ataxic (11 cases), sensory motor polyneuritis (8 cases), combined(More)
400 CSF electrophoreses were performed on Black West Africans (Ivory Coast) with inflammatory infections of the nervous system. In the normal state, the CSF of the Black African contains a higher concentration of gamma-globulins than the European (15.8% compared to 8--10%). This study permits us to confirm indirectly the classical idea of the extreme rarity(More)
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