Carmela Scrocco

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This study was undertaken to evaluate the feasibility of using chitosan, a natural antimicrobial substance, to improve the preservation of a very perishable cheese. The effectiveness of chitosan to inhibit the growth of spoilage microorganisms in Mozzarella cheese was studied during refrigerated storage. A lactic acid/chitosan solution was added directly to(More)
In this work the effectiveness of different antimicrobial packaging systems on the microbial quality decay kinetics during storage of Mozzarella cheese was evaluated. Lemon extract, at 3 different concentrations, was used as active agent, in combination with brine and with a gel solution made of sodium alginate. Shelf life tests were run at 15 degrees C to(More)
Wine is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in the world, although it is mainly consumed in European and South American countries. Several thousand years have passed since the product of grape fermentation was accidentally discovered. Over the last 100-150 years, winemaking has been completely revolutionized in terms of procedures and equipment.(More)
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