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UNLABELLED Tuberculosis (TB) is an important cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Here, we describe our experience of childhood tuberculous meningitis (TBM), focusing on factors influencing presentation and outcome. PATIENTS AND METHODS Children aged 0-14 years, with diagnosis of TBM and 24 months of post-therapy follow-up, were evaluated in this(More)
Eleven hospitalized patients with bacterial meningitis were treated with cefoperazone at daily dosage ranging between 3 and 8 g intravenously. Seven patients had proven Gram-negative bacterial infections, but in four patients the aetiological agent remained unknown. Eight patients completely recovered from infection and the pathogens were eradicated, in one(More)
INTRODUCTION The term ectopic thyroid refers to the presence of thyroid tissue located far from its usual anatomic placement and with no vascular connection to the main gland. The presence of swelling in atypical locations is diagnostically differentiated from other pathologies like pleomorphic adenoma or carcinoma, inflammatory lesions like sialadenitis,(More)
The aim of the present study was to assess the significance of IgE and interleukin-6 (IL-6) in paired CSF and serum of patients with viral and bacterial infections of the central nervous system. The results suggest that the detection of IL-6 and IgE in CSF is an useful marker for monitoring course and prognosis of these patients.
UNLABELLED In this study we reviewed M. tuberculosis meningitis (TBM) cases in childhood at our unit in a five-year period. METHODS Included in this retrospective study were children admitted to Cotugno Hospital from 1995 to 1999 who fulfilled criteria for a TBM diagnosis. Medical records were analyzed for epidemiological data, clinical manifestations,(More)
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