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‘This Is Our Country, These Are Our Rights’: Minorities and the Origins of Ontario’s Human Rights Campaigns
This article examines the social origins of the campaigns for human rights in Ontario, focusing on the period from the Second World War to the early 1950s. A wide variety of organizations eventuallyExpand
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Race, Employment Discrimination, and State Complicity in Wartime Canada, 1939-1945
The study that the crisis of war reinforced pre-existing social and economic inequality based on racist views and practices. War-induced anxieties intensified suspicion of “foreigners” — a term whichExpand
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Unforeseen Legacies: Reuben Wells Leonard and the Leonard Foundation Trust by Bruce Ziff (review)
title of Coady's 1939 book, Masters of their Own Destiny, reveals the primacy that he put on the values of self-reliance and independence. Welton examines Coady's attempts to apply these ideas toExpand
Immigrants, Communists, and Solidarity Unionism in Niagara, c.1930-1960
ABSTRACT:Focusing on the Niagara region, this study explains the continued adherence of thousands of Canadian workers to communist-led unions during the Cold War era. It argues that co-operationExpand
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Yvonne Singer : In Memoriam : Forgetting and Remembering Fragments of History
Patrias recounts the history of Hungarian Jews since 1948, while Holubizky discusses the museum as a last hold-out of "the multi-function room," surveying artists' rooms and Singer's "memoryExpand