Carmela Napolitano

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[reaction: see text] An efficient route for the synthesis of orthogonally protected l-sugars has been opened up, starting from the heterocyclic homologating agent 1 and 2,3-O-isopropylidene-l-glyceraldehyde (2). Our synthetic path enables the synthesis of a 2,3-unsaturated-l-pyranoside, which can be suitably functionalized to afford the desired l-hexoses.(More)
The synthesis of a small library of resorcylic acid lactones and evaluation of their biological properties as kinase inhibitors is described. Within the series E-enones were found more active than corresponding Z-enones as inhibitors of a subset of kinases containing a conserved cysteine. Replacement of the enone moiety with a β-haloketone group led to(More)
An expeditious and efficient synthesis of 1,6-anhydro-beta-L-hexopyranosyl derivatives 3 as valuable building blocks for the preparation of L-sugars is herein reported. This route relies upon the use of a domino reaction involving five synthetic steps from the 5,6-dihydro-1,4-dithiin 4. As 1,6-anhydro derivatives 3 are obtained, dithioethylene bridge(More)
An approach to resorcylic acid lactones is described, exploiting an intramolecular olefination reaction for the generation of the 14-membered macrolactone. The synthetic route gave zearalenone precursors, and the preparations of other RAL analogues, trans- and cis-resorcylides are included, the latter being prepared by photoisomerization of the(More)
An efficient and general de novo synthetic route to enantiomerically pure L-hexoses has been accomplished starting from the heterocyclic homologating agent 5,6-dihydro-1,4-dithiin-2-yl[(4-methoxybenzyl)oxy]methane and methyl alpha,beta-isopropylidene-L-glycerate. The sugar scaffold was constructed by an acid-catalyzed domino reaction, which enabled(More)
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