Carmela Morizzo

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Sedentary aging is associated with endothelial dysfunction and nitric oxide (NO) impairment. The aim of the present study was to assess the effects of regular physical exercise on nitrite/nitrate (NOx) concentrations and microcirculatory function in older men compared with young individuals. We measured NOx plasma concentrations and baseline and stimulated(More)
AIMS This study investigated whether sedentary behaviour and different activity levels have an independent association with carotid intima-media thickness (IMT) and with the 3-year IMT progression in different carotid segments. METHODS AND RESULTS The study population included 614 healthy men and women (mean age = 44 +/- 8 years) without carotid(More)
Hypnotizability is a cognitive trait modulating some physiological responses to cognitive and physical stimulation also in the normal awake state and in the absence of specific suggestions. Aim of the study was the characterization of the cardiovascular correlates of deep pain induced by nociceptive pressor stimulation without (PAIN) and with (AN)(More)
BACKGROUND There is a need to develop and validate surrogate markers of cardiovascular disease (CVD) in subjects with diabetes. The macrovascular changes associated with diabetes include aggravated atherosclerosis, increased arterial stiffness and endothelial dysfunction. The aim of this study was to determine which of these factors is most strongly(More)
CONTEXT Adiponectin inhibits protein synthesis in cardiac myocytes, thereby opposing the effect of cardiac workload and trophic factors (in particular, insulin) on left ventricular (LV) mass and wall thickness (WT). OBJECTIVE We tested whether adiponectin and its isoforms are related to LV mass, WT, and function independently of metabolic factors. (More)
During 1994, 19 thyroid tumor-affected children and 17 healthy children from the Gomel region, one of the areas most polluted by the Chernobyl fallout, were analysed for (i) the presence of in their urine and (ii) chromosome aberrations (CA) in circulating lymphocytes. They were compared with 35 healthy children from Pisa, Italy. Tumor-affected children(More)
BACKGROUND Carotid intima-media thickness (IMT), indices of large artery stiffness and measures of endothelium function may be used as markers of early atherosclerosis in type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM). The aim of the present study was to compare the indices of large artery structure and function as well as endothelial function and regenerating capacity(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate relations between coronary flow velocity and myocardial oxygen demand at rest, as well as coronary vasodilator capacity and flow reserve, in asymptomatic subjects with borderline hypertension as compared to normotensive controls and patients with sustained high blood pressure (HBP) and without left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH). (More)
Physical activity (PA) may modify cardiovascular structure and function as well as insulin sensitivity and level of plasma adipokines in relation to its extent, duration, and intensity. To evaluate the associations of average daily PA and bouts of moderate-to-vigorous-intensity PA with cardiovascular and metabolic measures, 45 healthy volunteers (mean age =(More)
BACKGROUND Arterial hypertension is frequently associated with the presence of structural alterations in small arteries. Moreover, a reduced coronary flow reserve and vasodilator capacity has been observed in essential hypertensive patients, possibly due, at least in part, to microangiopathy of small coronary vessels. The aim of the present study was to(More)