Carmela Comito

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— Today data sources are pervasive and their number is growing tremendously. Current tools are not prepared to exploit this unprecedented amount of information and to cope with this highly heterogeneous, autonomous and dynamic environment. In this paper, we propose a novel semantic overlay network architecture, PARIS, aimed at addressing these issues. In(More)
Data Grids provide transparent access to heterogeneous and autonomous data resources. The main contribution of this paper is the presentation of a data sharing system that (i) is tailored to data grids, (ii) supports well established and widely spread relational DBMSs, and (iii) adopts a hybrid architecture by relying on a peer model for query(More)
—In a mobile ad hoc network, efficient routing, resource allocation, and energy management can be achieved through clustering of mobile nodes into local groups. In this paper we propose a clustering scheme that allows self-configuration and adaptation of the network, prolonging its lifetime by distributing energy consumption among clusters. A combined(More)
—Online social networks such as Facebook and Twit-ter have started allowing users to tag their posts with geographical coordinates collected through the GPS interface of users smartphones. While this information is quite useful and already indicative of user behavior, it also lacks some semantics about the type of place the user is (e.g., restaurant,(More)