Carmel Smith

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OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study was to determine the sensitivity and specificity of real-time compression elasticity imaging in characterizing breast lesions as benign or malignant. METHODS A cohort of 578 women scheduled for sonographically guided biopsy of breast lesions were recruited from 6 sites under an Institutional Review Board-approved(More)
Desktop multimedia conferencing, when two or more persons can communicate among themselves via personal computers with the opportunity to see and hear one another as well as communicate via text messages while working with commonly available stored resources, appears to have important applications to the support of collaborative learning. In this paper we(More)
Failure to convert computer-identified possible kidney paired donation (KPD) exchanges into transplants has prohibited KPD from reaching its full potential. This study analyzes the progress of exchanges in moving from "offers" to completed transplants. Offers were divided into individual segments called 1-way transplants in order to calculate success rates.(More)
Questionnaires provide a survey method which allows remote data collection in evaluation or organizational studies. We describe a system called Quest which provides computer based support for administrators and participants in evaluation and data collection methods. The system uses electronic mail and a graphical user interface to enhance the utility of the(More)
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