Carmel Smith

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Submarine ground water discharge can influence significantly the near-shore transport and flux of chemicals into the oceans. Quantification of the sources and rates of such discharge requires a ground water seepage meter that provides continuous measurements at high resolution over an extended period of time. An ultrasonic flowmeter has been adapted for(More)
OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study was to determine the sensitivity and specificity of real-time compression elasticity imaging in characterizing breast lesions as benign or malignant. METHODS A cohort of 578 women scheduled for sonographically guided biopsy of breast lesions were recruited from 6 sites under an Institutional Review Board-approved(More)
The SimPlate Total Plate Count (TPC) method, developed by IDEXX Laboratories, Inc., is designed to determine the most probable number of aerobic microorganisms in foods. The 24-h test was compared to the conventional plate count agar (PCA) method, the Petrifilm Aerobic Count plates, and the Redigel Total Count procedure for enumerating microflora in 751(More)
SimPlate for Total Plate Count-Color Indicator (TPC-CI, IDEXX Laboratories, Inc., Westbrook, Me.) is a new medium that incorporates the redox dye resazurin to detect and quantify bacteria in food. Enumeration is achieved by the most probable number method using a SimPlate device. Viable bacteria are detected in each well of the SimPlate device by the(More)
An open-circuit respiration calorimeter suitable for chickens or other small animals has been constructed. The system contains two animal chambers and is capable of determining heat production of two animals or groups of animals independently and simultaneously with gas collection apparatus for continuous sampling of chamber gases. The operation of the(More)
Questionnaires provide a survey method which allows remote data collection in evaluation or organizational studies. We describe a system called Quest which provides computer based support for administrators and participants in evaluation and data collection methods. The system uses electronic mail and a graphical user interface to enhance the utility of the(More)
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