Carmel Seibold

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A major impetus for this study was recent literature that assumed that nurses' definitions of euthanasia and consequent opinions on decision making are unproblematic. The purpose of this study was to identify nurses' definitions of and attitudes towards euthanasia. Ten semi-structured interviews were conducted with nurses working in a variety of clinical(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore young pregnant women's experiences of embodiment, ongoing identity construction, decision-making processes and the way in which these are influenced by contemporary discourse, information sources and interaction with health professionals and others. DESIGN An exploratory descriptive pilot study. Data were collected via diaries kept(More)
This paper reports on an evaluation of a Teaching and Learning Enhancement Scheme (TALES) program designed to meet the unique need of the 2005 cohort of international nursing students undertaking an accelerated Bachelor of Nursing (BN) program at the Victorian campus of Australian Catholic University (ACU) National. The program involved a team approach with(More)
AIM The aim of this paper is to discuss the application of a contemporary grounded theory methodology to a research project exploring the experiences of students studying for a degree in midwifery. BACKGROUND Grounded theory is a qualitative research approach developed by Glaser and Strauss in the 1950s but the methodology for this study was modelled on(More)
This paper identifies criteria seen as essential to feminist research. In light of these criteria, issues which have arisen during our current research on women and their experiences of midlife and menopause are discussed. Issues considered include the researchers' responsibilities to participants when exploring sensitive and highly personal issues relating(More)
OBJECTIVES to explore and describe midwives perceptions of birth space and clinical risk management and their impact on practice both before and after a move to a new facility. DESIGN an exploratory descriptive study utilising a modified participatory approach and observation and focus groups for data collection. SETTING a major metropolitan maternity(More)
AIM The metaphor of a journey will be used to describe the process covering 2 years of development of a Bachelor of Midwifery curriculum shared between a consortium of three universities in Victoria, Australia. BACKGROUND The landscape or background against which this journey took place is described, providing a context for understanding the political and(More)
OBJECTIVES to explore the extent to which a specialist clinic meets the needs of chemically dependent women. DESIGN a critical ethnography informed by theorists such as Habermas and feminists' interpretation of Foucault. SETTING a specialist antenatal clinic for chemically dependent pregnant women at a major metropolitan women's hospital in Melbourne,(More)
A significant proportion of Australian women experience intimate partner violence (IPV), many of them unidentified and thus not necessarily supported when they seek assistance in Emergency Departments. This article reviews the literature on IPV with a view to establishing the extent of the problem and the cost of IPV to the women, their families and the(More)
AIM AND OBJECTIVES To explore healthcare experiences of Australian women living with intimate partner violence (IPV) and consider how these influence their understanding of IPV and sense of self. BACKGROUND Despite international campaigns condemning violence against women, IPV remains a worldwide problem and recent Australian community attitudes(More)