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There has been conflicting evidence on the impact of bilateral breast cancer (BBC) on the survival and management of patients. The objectives of this study were to address the incidence of BBC and to investigate its characteristics and outcome compared to unilateral cancer. Data were acquired from the prospectively maintained NUIG breast cancer database(More)
BACKGROUND Over the last decade there has been a paradigm shift in the management of breast cancer, subsequent to revised surgical oncology guidelines and consensus statements which were derived in light of landmark breast cancer clinical trials conducted throughout the latter part of the 20th century. However the sheer impact of this paradigm shift upon(More)
Currently, breast cancer affects approximately 12% of women worldwide. While the incidence of breast cancer rises with age, a younger age at diagnosis is linked to increased mortality. We discuss age related factors affecting breast cancer diagnosis, management and treatment, exploring key concepts and identifying critical areas requiring further research.(More)
BACKGROUND Role models and mentors play an important part in attracting undergraduates into various medical specialties. However, little is known about the part played by role models and mentors in the context of surgery. The aim of this survey was to elucidate medical students' and surgical trainees' experiences of role models and to determine how(More)
BACKGROUND Nodal status is a sensitive prognostic indicator in breast cancer. Axillary metastases may be an indication for neoadjuvant systemic therapy. The aims of this study were to compare pathologic response rates to neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NAC) in the breast and axilla across different molecular subtypes of breast cancer and to compare the predictive(More)
BACKGROUND A number of studies have highlighted the importance of positive role models and mentors in influencing medical students' ultimate career decisions. This article sought to review the relevant literature in relation to mentors and role models in surgery. DATA SOURCES A comprehensive PubMed search of the literature on the subject of role models(More)
Hormone receptor status has major implications for treatment and survival of breast cancer. Yet the impact of hormone receptor status on outcome after Trastuzumab has received little attention. The objective here was to explore any differential effects of Trastuzumab treatment (Trast +ve) on Luminal B HER2 or HER2+(ER−) breast cancer subtypes. A cohort of(More)
BACKGROUND Surgery remains a therapeutic strategy for women with breast cancer, and long-term outcomes for breast conservation surgery (BCS) and radiotherapy are equivalent to those for mastectomy. To date, there are few published data assessing the oncologic safety and practicality of BCS in women with large breast cancers ≥ 5 cm. The current study(More)
Current guidelines do not recommend locoregional surgery for Stage IV breast cancer at presentation despite some studies suggesting a survival benefit. We aimed to assess outcomes in patients with Stage IV breast cancer who underwent surgery. In a cohort study of all Stage IV breast cancers diagnosed at our tertiary-referral specialist centre between 2006(More)