Carme Martín

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The input data of the corporate data warehouse is provided by the data sources, that are integrated. In the temporal database research area, a bitemporal database is a database supporting valid time and transaction time. Valid time is the time when the fact is true in the modeled reality, while transaction time is the time when the fact is stored in the(More)
This paper brings together two research areas, i.e. “Data Warehouses” and “Temporal Databases”, involving representation of time. Looking at temporal aspects within a data warehouse, more similarities than differences between temporal databases and data warehouses have been found. The first closeness between these areas consists in the possibility of a data(More)
A bitemporal deductive database is a deductive database that supports valid and transaction time. A set of facts to be inserted and/or deleted in a bitemporal deductive database can be done in a past, present or future valid time. This circumstance causes that the maintenance of database consistency becomes more hard. In this paper, we present a new(More)
The purpose of this study was to assess the sensitivity of a modified version of the 'Timed Get Up and Go' (TGUG) test in predicting fall risk in elderly individuals, using both a quantitative and qualitative approach in individuals older than 65 years. Ten subjects (83.4+/-4.5 years) undertook the test twice. To assess inter-rater reliability, three(More)
BACKGROUND Declining physical activity is associated with a rising burden of global disease. There is little evidence about effective ways to increase adherence to physical activity. Therefore, interventions are needed that produce sustained increases in adherence to physical activity and are cost-effective. The purpose is to assess the effectiveness of a(More)
We propose a method for integrity checking in the context of temporal deductive databases. A temporal deductive database is a deductive database that supports some aspect of time, in our case valid time, in which valid time is the time when the fact is true in the modelled reality. Our method augments a database with a set of transition and event rules,(More)
In the context of the European Higher Education Area, curriculum design needs to be based on the defined competencies of each degree programs, including both domainspecific and professional competencies. In this educational context, developing students’ professional skills poses a new challenge we need to face. The present work proposes a model to globally(More)