Carlyn Hipsher

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A mitomycin C (MMC)- and porfiromycin (PFM)-resistant subline of the HCT 116 human coloncancer cell line was isolated after repeated exposure of HCT 116 cells to increasing concentrations of MMC under aerobic conditions. The MMC-resistant subline (designated HCT 116-R30A) was 5 times more resistant than the parent cells to MMC and PFM under aerobic(More)
The effect of pH and oxygen on DNA alkylation by mitomycin C (MMC) was studied with cell fractions and intact cells. The cell lines used were the HCT 116 human colon cancer cell line and a MMC-resistant subline (HCT 116-R30A) that has 5% of the quinone reductase activity present in the parent cell line. Microsomal fractions of the two cell lines catalyzed(More)
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