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A series of automated instruments that use state-of-the-art chemical methods has been developed for high-sensitivity protein sequencing, DNA synthesis and peptide synthesis. These instruments have been integrated into a centralized microchemical facility in order to promote their use for the study of a variety of biologically interesting problems. This(More)
A linear position-sensitive x-ray detector for x-ray spectroscopy and diffraction applications has been tested which can provide excellent spatial resolution, wide dynamic range and good sensitivity. The heart of the system is a self-scanning, photosensitive silicon diode array. It is interfaced via fiber optics to a thin layer of ZnS which fluoresces(More)
Most crimes in America require that the defendant have mens rea, Latin for "guilty mind." However, mens rea is not legally required for strict liability crimes, such as speeding, for which someone is guilty even if ignorant or deceived about her speed. In 3 experiments involving participants responding to descriptive vignettes, we investigated whether the(More)
A perpetrator’s mental state – whether she had mens rea or a “guilty mind” – typically plays an important role in evaluating wrongness and assigning punishment. In two experiments, we find that this role for mental states is weaker in evaluating conventional violations relative to moral violations. We also find that this diminished role for mental states(More)
Can opium's tendency to induce sleep be explained by appeal to a "dormitive virtue"? If the label merely references the tendency being explained, the explanation seems vacuous. Yet the presence of a label could signal genuinely explanatory content concerning the (causal) basis for the property being explained. In Experiments 1 and 2, we find that(More)
An actor's mental states-whether she acted knowingly and with bad intentions-typically play an important role in evaluating the extent to which an action is wrong and in determining appropriate levels of punishment. In four experiments, we find that this role for knowledge and intent is significantly weaker when evaluating transgressions of conventional(More)
A number of cell surface molecules of great theoretical and practical importance simply cannot be obtained in amounts sufficient for molecular analysis using conventional methods and instrumentation. Because of our interest in such studies, we began about eight years ago to explore the possibility of developing new instrumentation for the sequence analysis(More)
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