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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the reliability of the Speech Intelligibility Rating scale to monitor the speech intelligibility of deaf children who have received cochlear implants. STUDY DESIGN A prospective study assessing the speech intelligibility of deaf children with cochlear implants by local and cochlear implant program speech and language therapists. (More)
OBJECTIVE: This study was conducted to examine the influence of insulin resistance on weight change in postmenopausal women of various ethnic groups.SUBJECTS: Data were obtained from 3389 women (60% White, 20% Black, 12% Hispanic, and 8% Asian/Pacific Islander), ages 50–79, enrolled in either the Women's Health Initiative Clinical trial or Observational(More)
BACKGROUND All obese pregnant women are considered at equal high risk with respect to complications in pregnancy and birth, and are commonly managed through resource-intensive care pathways. However, the identification of maternal characteristics associated with normal pregnancy outcomes could assist in the management of these pregnancies. The present study(More)
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