Carlton Henderson

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Single prolonged stress (SPS) is a rodent model of post traumatic stress disorder that is comprised of serial application of restraint (r), forced swim (fs), and ether (eth) followed by a 7-day quiescent period. SPS induces extinction retention deficits and it is believed that these deficits are caused by the combined stressful effect of serial exposure to(More)
In 30 patients with osteonecrosis of the hip (12 idiopathic, 18 secondary), we assessed the role of hypofibrinolysis mediated by high levels of plasminogen activator inhibitor (PAI). We evaluated hypofibrinolysis as a common, potentially reversible, pathophysiologic cause of idiopathic osteonecrosis. In all 18 patients with secondary osteonecrosis, PAI was(More)
In the present studies we investigated the actions of ondansetron, a prototypic 5-hydroxytryptamine3 (5-HT3) receptor antagonist, on performance in a complex spatial navigation/memory task in rats. Specifically, we compared the activity of ondansetron to that of the cholinesterase inhibitor physostigmine in attenuating two distinct cognitive deficits in the(More)
As a model of the meconium aspiration syndrome (MAS) of human infants, adult rabbits and newborn rhesus monkeys received intratracheal instillation of human meconium to induce pulmonary injury. Injured rabbits were ventilated with 100% O2 and divided into four treatment groups, receiving: 1) bronchoalveolar lavages (BAL) with dilute KL4-Surfactant; 2)(More)
BACKGROUND Even though progress has been made, the detection of melanoma still poses a challenge. In light of this situation, the Nevisense electrical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) system (SciBase AB, Stockholm, Sweden) was designed and shown to have the potential to be used as an adjunct diagnostic tool for melanoma detection. OBJECTIVES To assess the(More)
Oestrone, oestradiol-17 beta and oestriol were measured in plasma samples from non-pregnant and pregnant African elephants shot in the wild. Enzymic hydrolysis of plasma showed that approximately 90 and 96% of the total (i.e. conjugated plus unconjugated) concentrations of oestrone and oestradiol-17 beta, respectively were represented by conjugated(More)
Concentrations of progesterone, 17 alpha-hydroxyprogesterone, oestrone and oestradiol-17 beta in peripheral and utero-ovarian vein blood were measured during the first 60 days of pregnancy. The same hormones were also measured in peripheral blood samples from non-fertile cycles. Peripheral levels of 17 alpha-hydroxyprogesterone, oestrone and oestradiol(More)
Fluorescence and 31P magnetic resonance spectroscopy have been used to monitor simultaneously, the [Ca2+]i staircase and high energy phosphate metabolism in isolated Langendorff-perfused rat heart paced at 2, 4 and 6 Hz. In order to investigate further the relationship between high energy phosphate metabolism and the calcium staircase we perturbed the(More)