Carlton E. Green

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Helms, Henze, Sass, and Mifsud (2006) defined good practices for internal consistency reporting, interpretation, and analysis consistent with an alpha-as-data perspective. Their viewpoint (a) expands on previous arguments that reliability coefficients are group-level summary statistics of samples' responses rather than stable properties of scales or(More)
Race is a long-standing and often controversial topic in the United States. Recent national events in the fall of 2014 and beginning of 2015 have reignited a national conversation about race relations. Despite assertions of a more just society and claims of a post-racial America, events following the lack of grand jury indictments in the recent deaths of(More)
Discrimination is related to depression and poor self-esteem among Black men. Poorer self-esteem is also associated with depression. However, there is limited research identifying how self-esteem may mediate the associations between discrimination and depressive symptoms for disparate ethnic groups of Black men. The purpose of this study was to examine(More)
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