Carlton C. Hunt

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The effect of changing the ionic composition of bathing fluid on the receptor potential of primary endings has been examined in isolated mammalian spindles whose capsule was removed in the sensory region. After impulse activity is blocked by tetrodotoxin, ramp-and-hold stretch evokes a characteristic pattern of potential change consisting of a greater(More)
Stage of maturity at harvest and mechanical processing affect the nutritive value of corn silage. The change in nutritive value of corn silage as maturity advances can be measured by animal digestion and macro in situ degradation studies among other methods. Predictive equations using climatic data, vitreousness of corn grain in corn silage, starch(More)
The objective of this study was to determine the genetic parameters of methane (CH4) emissions and their genetic correlations with key production traits. The trial measured the CH4 emissions, at 5-min intervals, from 1225 sheep placed in respiration chambers for 2 days, with repeat measurements 2 weeks later for another 2 days. They were fed in the(More)
1. Contractile responses in short twitch-type snake muscle fibres have been studied. These fibres are sufficiently short to allow fairly uniform changes in membrane potential along their length when current is passed through an intracellular micropipette. Active sodium permeability changes were blocked with tetrodotoxin (TTX), procaine, or by using(More)
OBSERVATIONS ON TEMPORAL VARIATION IN MONOSYNAPTIC REFLEX RESPONSE IN THE ACUTELY DECAPITATE CAT INDICATE THE FOLLOWING: 1. Frequency distribution of response amplitude has a nearly normal form often with some degree of negative skewness. Response variation differs only moderately in form and magnitude from one preparation to another. 2. Temporal variation(More)
1. The effects of maximal tetanic contractions of varying numbers of motor units of the same type [slow (S), fast fatigue-resistant (FR), or fast fatigable (FF)] on the mechanical responses to muscle stretch were studied in the peroneus longus muscle of anesthetized cats. 2. Two types of stiffness measurements were made: 1) an average stiffness, defined as(More)
1. An isolated muscle spindle preparation from a tail muscle of cat is described. The afferent response to a ramp-and-hold stretch was recorded in individual axons from identified primary and secondary endings. 2. Primary endings exhibit a prominent dynamic response, including an initial burst. They also show a well-maintained static discharge. Secondary(More)
In isolated cat muscle spindles the receptor potential responses of primary and secondary endings as well as tension responses to sinusoidal length changes in the steady state have been analysed. 1. At a given stimulus frequency, receptor potential per unit length change (receptor potential gain) in both primary and secondary endings is constant when(More)
To determine whether single motor units (MUs) in multitendoned muscles distribute tension to multiple tendons or instead focus tension selectively on a single tendon, we examined the distribution of tension generated by single MUs in the cat extensor digitorum lateralis (EDLat), and in its macaque homolog, the extensor digiti quarti et quinti (ED45).(More)