Carlotta Johnson

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∗ 0-7803-7952-7/03/$17.00 © 2003 IEEE. Abstract A human-robot interface for a mobile robot was extended to include a discrete geodesic dome called a Sensory EgoSphere (SES). The SES is a two-dimensional data structure, centered on the robot’s coordinate frame. The SES provides the robot’s perspective of a remote environment via images, sonar, and laser(More)
This paper describes the supervisory control of mobile robots using a biologically inspired short-term memory structure called a Sensory EgoSphere. The EgoSphere is implemented as a virtual geodesic dome upon which sensory data from the surroundings of the robot are written. The EgoSphere is managed by a distinct agent in a distributed agent-based robot(More)
This paper presents how a Sensory EgoSphere (SES), a robot-centric geodesic dome that represents the short term memory of a mobile robot, could enhance a humanrobot interface. It is proposed that the addition of this visual representation of the sensor data on a mobile robot enhances the effectiveness of a human-robot interface. The SES migrates information(More)
encouragement and persistence, I would not have attained this level of education and expertise. Were it not for his complete faith in my intellectual abilities, this dissertation would never have been completed. For all of his work and assistance, I thank him greatly. To my parents, Ray and Donna, thank you for allowing me to be a professional student all(More)
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