Carlos Yepes

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The percutaneous placement of ventriculo-atrial (V-A) shunts for treatment of hydrocephalus has been previously reported by several authors as a simplified procedure. However, this technique did not avoid the use of a distal connector between the outlet catheter and the atrial one, which may lead to a disconnection. A technique of percutaneous V-A shunt(More)
An historical review of neurosurgical endoscopy is evocated. The characteristics of the endoscopic material are discussed: flexible or rigid?, length?, diameter?, irrigation?, free-hand manipulation or fixed arm? A rigid neurosurgical endoscope (STORZ) is described which characteristics are the following: 5 mm/3.7 mm ovale diameter, working length of 21 cm(More)
A new device, modified from the Nucleotome (Surgical Dynamics, Alameda, CA), was used for stereotactic aspiration of deep brain hematomas. Real-time monitoring by computed tomography allows a very safe procedure, and the risk of aspirating the surrounding brain is avoided. The technique was applied in 13 cases of deep brain hematomas. The intraoperative(More)
BACKGROUND Previous research has shown that infliximab (IFX) is effective in the management of moderate to severe active ulcerative colitis (UC). Latin American studies are lacking. AIM To evaluate the efficacy of IFX treatment (including corticosteroid withdrawal, complete mucosal healing, colectomy and hospitalization rates) in patients with moderate to(More)
2092 Background: The use of radiotherapy plus TMZ administered concomitantly with and after radiotherapy (Stupp platform; SP) for HGG was shown to improve median and 5-year survival. To compare these results with routine clinical practice a bidirectional registry was established by RedLANO. METHODS A total of 171 HGG patients treated with SP were(More)
BACKGROUND Induction therapies in kidney transplantation have led to prescriptions of lower doses of maintenance immunosuppression and fewer acute rejection episodes. We sought to assess the use of an affordable monoclonal antibody in terms of the incidences of rejection episodes as well as graft and patient survivals and cytomegalovirus (CMV) and(More)
Extended psychometric analysis was done using the factor analysis (Horn ́s Parallel Analysis, Exploratory Factor Analysis) and Rasch analysis (RA, Rating Scale model) (Scale diagnostic, Validity, Reliability, Dimensionality and Local independence, Differential item functioning (DIF)). Results: Horn ́s Parallel Analysis revealed one factor (loading factor >(More)
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