Carlos Vaquero

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In this paper, we present a framework for unsupervised domain adaptation of PLDA based i-vector speaker recognition systems. Given an existing out-of-domain PLDA system, we use it to cluster unlabeled in-domain data, and then use this data to adapt the parameters of the PLDA system. We explore two versions of agglomerative hierarchical clustering that use(More)
This paper describes data collection efforts conducted as part of the RedDots project which is dedicated to the study of speaker recognition under conditions where test utterances are of short duration and of variable phonetic content. At the current stage, we focus on English speakers, both native and non-native, recruited worldwide. This is made possible(More)
This paper introduces the systems and technologies used for the development of computer-aided speech and language therapy tools. These tools (“Pre-Lingua”, “Vocaliza” and “Cuéntame”) aim to help speech and language disabled people to improve their communication abilities, covering all the processes in the acquisition of the spoken language (from phonation(More)
This paper introduces Vocaliza, a software application for computer-aided speech therapy in Spanish language. The objective of this application is to help the daily work of the speech therapists that train the linguistic skills of Spanish speakers with different language pathologies. The application works at three levels of language: phonological, semantic(More)
OBJECTIVE The laparoscopic treatment of eventrations and ventral hernias has been little used, although these hernias are well suited to a laparoscopic approach. The objective of this study was to investigate the usefulness of a laparoscopic approach in the surgical treatment of ventral hernias. METHODS Between January 1994 and July 1998, a series of 100(More)
PURPOSE The primary objective of this study was to evaluate with venography the rate of thrombus regression after a fixed dose of low-molecular weight heparin (LMWH) per day for 3 months compared with oral anticoagulant therapy for deep venous thrombosis (DVT). Secondary endpoints were the comparisons of the efficacy and safety of both treatments. METHODS(More)
OBJECTIVES To analyze the postoperative complications of patients who have undergone surgical repair of femoral pseudoaneurysm after cardiac catheterization. DESIGN Prospective study. MATERIALS Cardiovascular risk factors, related to surgery and cardiac catheterization were collected prospectively in 79 patients from 2003 to 2006 in Valladolid(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the safety and feasibility of using drug-eluting balloons (DEBs) in the treatment of infrainguinal bypass graft stenoses. METHODS A nonrandomized prospective study evaluated the feasibility of DEB treatment for intragraft/anastomotic stenoses arising >1 month after infrainguinal bypass grafting; stenoses due to graft/technical problems(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the histologic effects and permeability rate of different suture materials in microsurgical anastomosis of the left uterine horn in Wistar rats. STUDY DESIGN In this histologic study, 81 female Wistar rats were used. A transverse section and anastomosis were performed using three surgical techniques. The rats were divided into 15(More)
This paper addresses the problem of Computer-Aided Speech and Language Therapy (CASLT). The goal of the work described in the paper is to develop and evaluate a semi-automated system for providing interactive speech therapy to the increasing population of impaired individuals and help professional speech therapists. A discussion on the development and(More)