Carlos Troncoso

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CONTEXT The impact of advancing age on uterine receptiveness has always been a concern of the medical establishment. Oocyte donation (OD) is the perfect model for ascertaining the extent of this relationship, but the literature is somewhat unreliable, mainly due to the limited samples on which the studies are based and insufficient control of important(More)
We present a novel trigger-based language model adaptation method oriented to the transcription of meetings. In meetings, the topic is focused and consistent throughout the whole session, therefore keywords can be correlated over long distances. The trigger-based language model is designed to capture such long-distance dependencies, but it is typically(More)
In this paper we study the trigger-based language model, which can model dependencies between words longer than those modeled by the n-gram language model. Generally in language modeling, when the training corpus matches the target task, its size is typically small, and therefore insufficient for providing reliable probability estimates. On the other hand,(More)
This paper presents an automatic speech recognition (ASR) system dedicated for meetings of the National Congress of Japan. The distinctive features of the congressional meeting speech are wide distribution and frequent change of topics. For more accurate transcription, such topics should be emphasized in a language model one after another. Therefore, we(More)
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