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Accurate respiration measurement is crucial in motion-adaptive cancer radiotherapy. Conventional methods for respiration measurement are undesirable because they are either invasive to the patient or do not have sufficient accuracy. In addition, measurement of external respiration signal based on conventional approaches requires close patient contact to the(More)
We demonstrate vertical graphene-base hot-electron transistors (GB-HETs) with a variety of structures and material parameters. Our GB-HETs exhibit a current saturation with a high current on-off ratio (>10(5)), which results from both the vertical transport of hot electrons across the ultrathin graphene base and the filtering of hot electrons through a(More)
carried out under the guidance of Elizabeth King. The findings, interpretations, and conclusions are the authors' own and should not be attributed to the World Bank, its Board of Directors, or any of its member countries. Comments are welcome and should be sent directly to the author(s). For copies, please send request to Selina Khan at SKhan8@Worldbank.org
Scattering mechanisms in graphene are critical to understanding the limits of signal-to-noise ratios of unsuspended graphene devices. Here we present the four-probe low-frequency noise (1/f) characteristics in back-gated single layer graphene (SLG) and bilayer graphene (BLG) samples. Contrary to the expected noise increase with the resistance, the noise for(More)
Efforts towards Internet use as a means for public services are definitely increasing worldwide. In Sao Paulo State, Brazil, usability is considered an important factor to citizen-centric e-government. The dispersed nature of e-government development, by many different teams and the broad audience of internet makes user modeling an essential task for(More)
Kintense is a robust, accurate, real-time, and evolving system for detecting aggressive actions such as hitting, kicking, pushing, and throwing from streaming 3D skeleton joint coordinates obtained from Kinect sensors. Kintense uses a combination of: (1) an array of supervised learners to recognize a predefined set of aggressive actions, (2) an unsupervised(More)
Clinical evidence suggests that sleep pose analysis can shed light onto patient recovery rates and responses to therapies. In this work, we introduce a formulation that combines features from multimodal data to classify human sleep poses in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) environment. As opposed to the current methods that combine data from multiple sensors to(More)
The secondary structures of two proteins were examined by circular dichroism spectroscopy after adsorption onto a series of organically modified silica glasses. The glasses were prepared by the sol-gel technique and were varied in hydrophobicity by incorporation of 5% methyl, propyl, trifluoropropyl, or n-hexyl silane. Both cytochrome c and apomyoglobin(More)