Carlos Tomei

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We consider the optimal operation of a hydroelectric plant supplemented by a set of thermal plants. The initial model gives rise to a discrete minimization problem with a convex cost function, submitted to both concave and convex restrictions. The geometry of the water reservoir is taken into account by a production coe‰cient, which is a function of the(More)
We consider computing the singular value decomposition of a bidiagonal matrix B. This problem arises in the singular value decomposition of a general matrix, and in the eigenproblem for a symmetric positive de nite tridiagonal matrix. We show that if the entries of B are known with high relative accuracy, the singular values and singular vectors of B will(More)
We analyze some convexity properties of the image maps on symplectic cones, similar to the ones obtained by Guillemin-Sternberg and Atiyah for compact symplectic manifolds in the early 80's. We prove the image of the moment map associated to the symplectic action of an n-torus on a symplectic cone is a polytopic convex cone in R n : Then, we generalize(More)
We consider the nonlinear Sturm-Liouville differential operator F (u) = −u + f(u) for u ∈ H D([0, π]), a Sobolev space of functions satisfying Dirichlet boundary conditions. For a generic nonlinearity f : R → R we show that there is a diffeomorphism in the domain of F converting the critical set C of F into a union of isolated parallel hyperplanes. For the(More)
In present and future experiments in the field of rare events physics a background index of 10(-3) counts/(keV kg a) or better in the region of interest is envisaged. A thorough material screening is mandatory in order to achieve this goal. The results of a systematic study of radioactive trace impurities in selected materials using ultra low-level(More)
We establish the Liouville integrability of the differential equation Ṡ(t) = [N, S(t)], recently considered by Bloch and Iserles. Here, N is a real, fixed, skewsymmetric matrix and S is real symmetric. The equation is realized as a Hamiltonian vector field on a coadjoint orbit of a loop group, and sufficiently many commuting integrals are presented,(More)
Next-generation experiments searching for neutrinoless double-beta decay must be sensitive to a Majorana neutrino mass as low as 10 meV. CUORE , an array of 988 TeO2 bolometers being commissioned at Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso, features an expected sensitivity of 50– 130 meV at 90 % C.L. The background is expected to be dominated byα radioactivity,(More)
The GERDA experiment aims to search for the neutrinoless double beta-decay of 76 Ge and possibly for other rare processes. The sensitivity of the first phase is envisioned to be more than one order of magnitude better than in previous 0νββ-decay experiments. This implies that materials with ultra-low radioactive contamination need to be used for the(More)